What is BaaS? Banking as a Service Explained

There is a need for monitoring functions that will enable seamless and secure operations across applications and domains through secure authentication. Typically the BaaS provider will hold a banking license or EMI license. BaaS providers are creating the modern-day neobank – similar to the original full-stack neobanks, but even with less start-up time, capital and headache .

BaaS Examples and Advantages

There are wonderful concepts that fail due to a lack of customer readiness or poor execution. Fintech, for example, is a fast-growing business with plenty of opportunities for both development and mistakes. It will be fascinating to see how the BaaS model evolves over the next decade as technology advances. The simplicity of integration should be the primary goal while developing an API strategy.

An overview of main BaaS services

Aside from that, they can provide superior client service by ensuring faster access to funds and no hidden fees. Finally, there are companies that communicate directly with customers. The main advantage of using CloudKit is the native SDK for iOS. Native applications run on the iPhone operating system and have complete access to the device and functionally.

BaaS Examples and Advantages

A full-stack neobank is a standalone bank that can operate independently from any other bank. A front-end focused neobank doesn’t have its own banking license, and must operate in partnership with third party BaaS providers to get their entire banking stack set up. Financial institutions have to comply with a number of regulatory requirements, including KYC checks. This usually involves verifying the customer’s authenticity and screening for potential money laundering.

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Research shows the BNPL IPO will generate $680 billion in transaction volume by 2025. Customers will have direct access to borrow money from businesses using BaaS. So, how can banks catch up to all the digital options popping up daily? The answer lies in adapting and understanding Banking as a Service. Let’s get right into what Banking as a Service entails and its examples. This is why Green Dot is smart to play both sides of the fence with a BaaS service and a standalone challenger bank.

Backend as a Service can simplify and accelerate app development. But BaaS is not necessarily the right choice for all scenarios. Advanced developers will usually not need any training to configure the backend.

BaaS Examples and Advantages

Ironically, they turned for help to Back4App, a serverless provider that customizes Parse for specific client needs. Back4App helped create the perfect backend that dealt with the peak 600 requests per second in the game and solved other challenges. With BaaS, there’s no need to spend a fortune on servers and their maintenance or hire a backend development team.

Banking as a Service Explained: BaaS, Whats, Benefits, Examples, Future

This is a behind the scenes component that end-users will be unable to discern between a complete automated service and one that includes HuaaS. If you browse through our portfolio, you’ll find that in the 17+ years on the market, we’ve built solutions for every major industry. From transportation, oil & gas, and construction, to healthcare, fintech, and HoReCa — Acropolium’s engineers have the skills and experience to tackle the most diverse and complex challenges. Although BaaS solutions do a great job of managing storage and network capacity, there can be some restrictions. For instance, as your product gains popularity and attracts more customers, you may find that the prices of your vendor’s plans increase exponentially.

BaaS Examples and Advantages

A backend as a service will provide you with features that can be deployed across all types of applications. The experience of building over 100+ platforms for startups and enterprises allows Akash to rapidly architect and design solutions that are scalable and beautiful. Always ensure that the BaaS partner has proven experience in developing and deploying Blockchain technology on a scale and environment similar to the one you are planning to execute.

Banking-as-a-service industry outlook

All right, your instance is up and running, and now you can start coding! That is only the first step of the process, and you will still banking-as-a-service need to install the web-server, database, framework, etc. The first layer is the foundation and contains the database servers.

  • Banking-as-a-Service platforms provide more financial transparency options by letting banks open up their APIs for third parties to develop new services.
  • However, instead of allowing third parties to access customers’ data, the BaaS model enables third parties to access the bank’s functionality.
  • BaaS providers are creating the modern-day neobank – similar to the original full-stack neobanks, but even with less start-up time, capital and headache .
  • This does, however, present a challenge in verifying that none of the plugged-in services will violate regulations that have been imposed by banking authorities.

Moreover, they can automatically rebalance the portfolio that is consistent with the customer’s investment plan. Furthermore, they can match the investment needs of the customers. To put it another way, he believes fintech should be more regulated. Fintechs and integrated banking firms must prepare for this by expanding their compliance services. With these considerations in mind, the future of BaaS indicates a significant shift in player obligations. Banks may be reclassified as “assemblers” rather than “manufacturers.” This implies that they will not be only focused on their core banking services.


To back up Microsoft Office 365, select Exchange Online or SharePoint Online, or OneDrive for Business. This may hamper your BaaS ambitions or reduce your choice of potential provider. For example, if server locations in the EU are an important criterion for you.

Core features comprise Database, instant API, real-time subscriptions, and storage. The features list includes a serverless architecture, business logic, authentication, notifications, component library, drag and drop interface, etc. Microsoft could not be out of this game and also has a backend as a service solution.

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Numerous banks and fintech companies are considering implementing modern digital banking models. The bad news is that it may be challenging to choose a model given their similarities. CD and CI are two features commonly offered by backend providers.

Opportunity for Vietnamese retail banks to develop BaaS model

Banks have the necessary licenses to provide core financial services. Founded in 2009, this German company went as far as creating its own BaaS platform. It runs on a proprietary OS and is a cloud-based modular system. The teams at Fidor created over 40 standardized future-proof APIs that are easily integrated with any of the clients’ services. Fidor’s mobile banking app covers everything from a standard account and card operations to loans and crypto investments. As BaaS is gaining momentum, new providers appear on the market along with platforms created by banks.

BaaS, or Backend as a Service, is a cloud computing model that provides web developers with ready-made backend features, such as authentication, database, storage, push notifications, and more. BaaS can save time and money, but it also has some limitations and risks. In this article, we will explore some of the benefits and drawbacks of using BaaS for web development, as well as some examples and use cases.

The good news is that enabling partners to distribute banking products can be a low-margin, high-volume business for banks. Banks often struggle with their cost structures, which are frequently based on legacy technology and enabled through manual processes and operations. To offer BaaS, banks must undergo digital transformations, but many already have.

The BaaS platform is typically used by fintech and non-fintech companies to deliver financial services to their own consumers. Because fintech services are delivered via a BaaS platform, they must adhere to the platform’s rules. It’s vital to note that these businesses might be either fintech or non-fintech.

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