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Like clearing accounts, suspense accounts record temporary transactions. Use a suspense account to hold entries until you decide how you want to classify them. And, you can hold information about discrepancies in suspense accounts as you compile more information and data.

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All monies now or hereafter deposited into the Clearing Accounts shall be deemed additional security for the Debt. The Clearing Account of each US$ Bank shall be maintained at its own expense and free of charge to the Administrative Agent, CASG and CFC. A positive balance remaining in your clearing account after this period is a clear indicator of a problem that needs rectifying, such as an uncashed cheque or an issue processing a payment.

Why Is My Accounts Receivables Balance Negative?

Rather than leave the payment off the books, you can put the transaction in a suspense account until you determine where it belongs. Customer agrees to maintain at all times in such Clearing Account an amount sufficient to pay all fees incurred hereunder, including the fees established in Exhibit B attached hereto. Units are required to move the maximum number of transactions possible out of the clearing accounts to their appropriate operating account by Thursday, June 30, 2022 using either current year or year-end documents.

Keep in mind that a clearing account is different from a suspense account, though the two are similar temporary accounts. And, remember that the clearing account in your bookkeeping is different from the clearing account you may use for payroll. The clearing account definition is that it’s a temporary account containing costs or amounts to be transferred to another account.

But, A sent a partial payment of $1,000 and did not attach the invoice. When you see the transactions appear in Synder with the green status Synced, it means that the transaction is synchronized by the system. You can now find it in the clearing account in the Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks or Xero. There is a vast list of e-commerce platforms or payment providers with which Synder can integrate. So, technically any gateway you can possibly receive payments from can be accounted for by Synder. The purpose of this type of account is to set aside the payment details before the ultimate transaction finalization.

How is a clearing account used?

For accounts receivables, such as receiving payment without an invoice, businesses utilize an asset clearing account. Alternatively, you can use an asset clearing account to make partial payments toward a single invoice until the invoice has a zero balance. And the end of day often does not dictate the transactions that will or will not clear and deposit for the day. Traditionally, this can be done from the Undeposited Funds account, where individual sales are essentially entered as cash on hand until they are manually matched and transferred to the bank account. Payroll Clearing Account – they behave similarly to liability clearing accounts. Using a clearing account allows you to ensure all payments to staff have been made.


The recommended approach for reconciling clearing accounts is to run automatic reconciliation to process the majority of the journal lines, based on your setup. Then use manual reconciliation to resolve the journal lines that weren’t reconciled automatically. For example, when conducting payroll, many companies place the salary payments into a clearing account before distributing the money to employees. If all the pay cheques are distributed correctly, then the clearing account will show a balance of $0. If a positive amount is still shown, then it is clear that there has been an error and further action needs to be taken.

Using Clearing Accounts

The amounts recorded in the clearing accounts are held there for a daily or monthly basis until they are transferred to the accounts where they belong. The outline below shows examples in QuickBooks Online, but the same methods will work for QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise. We can have several clearing accounts for different payment processors. There may be one for Shopify payments, another for PayPal or Stripe, etc.


It temporarily holds the records of transactions synced into the system, for example, from an e-commerce platform or a payment processor. Such account may be an omnibus account used for all Funds for which OSS or one of its subsidiaries acts as transfer agent. The Fund shall authorize officers or employees of OSS to act as authorized signatories to disburse funds held in such accounts. OSS shall be accountable to the Fund for the management of such accounts by OSS . Previously you entered the ledger account balances for the bank accounts, and those balances already reflect the impact of the outstanding transactions.

So, it’s important to understand the difference between these two types of accounts. Each Clearing Account shall be an Eligible Account in the name of Obligors as debtor and Lender as secured party. Obligors shall cause such depository institutions to forward monthly statements of such accounts to Lender.


Some companies use the account to store partial payments toward an outstanding invoice until the customer settles the total bill. The process and formalities involved in clearing accounts are straightforward, but the process and formalities and the resolved pattern are not so simple in the case of suspense accounts. In the suspense account, the transactions are held because of some problem, whereas in the case of a clearing account, the fund is transferred temporarily until the client asks to transfer it.

What Are the Stages of the Accounting Cycle?

Really, it is up to the individual introduction to bookkeeping owner to decide what is best in both the short and long term. This is considered a healthy practice, and one that shows a good level of attention and diligence, especially when dealing with other businesses. You work on two projects with Company A and provide two separate invoices to them for the job you did. The first invoice is for $2,000, while the second invoice is for $3,000. However, Company A only sent a $1,000 partial payment and did not include the invoice. With the bulk of receipts and payments, tracking them can be difficult especially if client payments are received without any invoice details.


The Clearing Accounts shall be titled as set forth in the Clearing Accounts Agreement. The Clearing Accounts shall be maintained as an Eligible Account. When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the current selection. We strongly recommend that you work on one account at a time from start to finish before moving on to the next account. Some will be through third-party plugins, but others will have their own facility to set one up. Complete Controller is not affiliated with or endorsed by Intuit Inc.

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Allocate overhead expenses to customers or classes using a zero check. Stay updated on the latest products and services anytime, anywhere. Through this, it makes it easy for businesses to track which checks have already been cleared and which ones are not yet cleared.

At least, when it comes to understanding what a clearing account is and how any e-commerce business can benefit from it. When establishing a clearing account, people are not necessarily required to disclose the intended use to the bank, but it can be useful information to have. A banker may recommend a particular account product or provide options such as automatic transfers to prevent overdrafts if he or she knows why a new account is being opened. Banks will also be less likely to view activity as suspicious if they understand why the activity is occurring. Suspicious activity can result in a hold or freeze being place on the account so the bank can investigate, and this can interfere with the operation of the account.

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